Wedding Packages

Our Affordable Wedding Service

At Sea of Love Weddings,  your planning process is made easier, and emphasis is placed on the smooth execution of your ceremony. This is why the following packages have been created to ensure both your convenience as well as your wedding’s success.

Just for You Wedding Service - US$1341.50

Have your ceremony by the beach, in a tropical flower garden, or at a poolside. Whichever location you prefer, you will receive the best services from our highly skilled team. 

Our Just for You wedding package covers the following:

Floral Bouquet

  • All Legal Fees for the Marriage License Application Process
  • Ceremony Officiator
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage License 
  • Matching Groom's Boutonniere
  • Services of the Wedding Coordinator

  • Sparkling Cider Toast
  • Transportation to Apply for License
  • Transportation to Pick up the Marriage Certificate
  • Tropical Bridal Bouquet
  • Witnesses (If Required)

Sea Of Love Package - US$2095.50

This package includes all that we offer in the Just for You wedding package with the following extras:

  • Recorded Music of Your Choice at the Ceremony
  • Single-Tiered Wedding Cake
  • Site Visit to the Wedding Location

  • Two Pedestals Decorated With Tropical Flowers
  • Wedding Gift

Soufriere Sunset Orchid Package - US$2615.50

The Soufriere Sunset Orchid package includes all the features of our Just for You and Sea of Love packages. Instead of a single-tiered cake, you will have a two-tiered wedding cake plus photography services which includes 24 images on a flash drive.

Sweetheart Rose Package - US$2901.50

This includes all the features of the Just for You and Sea of Love packages. It also comes with a photography package which includes 30 images on a flash drive, and one-hour entertainment from your choice of the following:

  • Saxophonist 
  • Steel Band

  • Vocalist and Pianist

We can also provide a DJ for unlimited hours.

Forget Me Not Vow Renewal - US$1217.50

This special package covers the following:

  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine for Toasting
  • Boutonnière,
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Ceremony Officiator

  • Commemorative Certificate
  • Two Pedestals Decorated With Tropical Flowers
  • Services of a Wedding Coordinator
  • Single-Tiered Wedding Cake

Important Reminders

Please note that we have not included the location fee in the wedding package rates. Location fees will be charged separately and would vary according to the size of your wedding party. Packages are offered for two people including the bride and groom, and $20 will be applied for each additional guest.

If you have any questions about our wedding packages, please contact us at our office in Soufriere, St. Lucia. Our friendly staff is available to answer all your inquiries.